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Prakel, David2013
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Understanding light is fundamental to good photography. How any image is lit will change how the viewer sees and interprets the content. The second edition of Lighting teaches the theory and background of how light works, the different types of light and the rules it obeys.The book gives guidance on how to measure, control and use light for the best photographic exposure. With new images and case studies, this edition encourages a bolder and more innovative approach to the use of light in photography.
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Lighting / David Prakel.
2nd edition.
London : AVA Publishing, [2013]
191 pages : illustrations (chiefly colour) ; 23 cm.
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Previous edition: 2007.Includes bibliographical references and index.
Chapter 1: What is light? Basic theoryColour theoryExposure Case study: The lightmeterPolarized light Case study: The colour temperature meter Imaging at the ends of the spectrum Exercise: Using a colour checker Chapter 2: Natural light DaylightEvening light Night Case study: The seasons Effect of location Exercise: Time of day Chapter 3: Available light Flames Incandescent lamps Fluorescent light Street lighting Case study: Camera supports Neon light Gig photography Exercise: Street still life Chapter 4: Photographic light Continuous light Flash Case study: Studio flash Exercise: The single source Chapter 5: Controlling light Studios Shaping light Building light Exercise: Lighting ratios Rembrandt lighting Butterfly lighting Commercial lighting Case study: Light tent Backgrounds Chapter 6: Using light Quality of light Revealing shape Revealing form Revealing texture Revealing tone and colour Experimenting with light Exercise: The single object
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