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Up the ante

Trebelhorn, P. J.2015
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Jordan Stryker's multiple sclerosis diagnosis changed her life. She left the FBI and decided to try her hand at professional poker. She's played poker for years, but no amount of practice could have prepared her for what she'd face in Las Vegas away from the tables. Ashley Noble works security at a casino in Vegas. After a failed marriage and a disgraced exit from her position with the LAPD, she's just grateful to have a job. When Stryker shows up in her casino, Ash is forced to face the woman she had an affair with 15 years ago and thought she'd never see again. The attraction between the two is undeniable, but Jordan keeps her distance because of her MS. When Ash decides she's ready to up the ante, she knows getting Jordan to call the bet will be damn near impossible.
Main title:
Up the ante / P.J. Trebelhorn.
New York : Bold Strokes, 2015.
264 pages ; 22 cm
9781626392373 (pbk)
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