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List view record 1: The bandit queensList view anchor tag for record 1: The bandit queens
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The bandit queens

Shroff, Parini2023
Books, Manuscripts
For Geeta, life as a widow is more peaceful than life as a wife. Until the other women in her village decide they want to be widows, too. Geeta is believed to have killed her vanished husband - a rumour she hasn't bothered trying to correct, because a reputation like that can keep a single woman ...
List view record 2: Cast a cold eyeList view anchor tag for record 2: Cast a cold eye
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Cast a cold eye

Morrison, Robbie2023
Books, Manuscripts
Glasgow, 1933. Murder is nothing new in the Depression-era city, especially to war veterans Inspector Jimmy Dreghorn and his partner 'Bonnie' Archie McDaid. But the dead man found in a narrowboat on the Forth and Clyde Canal, executed with a single shot to the back of the head, is no ordinary kil...
List view record 3: The maidenList view anchor tag for record 3: The maiden
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The maiden

Foster, Kate2023
Books, Manuscripts
Edinburgh, October 1679. Lady Christian Nimmo is arrested and charged with the murder of her lover, James Forrester. News of her imprisonment and subsequent trial is splashed across the broadsides, with headlines that leave little room for doubt: Adulteress. Whore. Murderess. Only a year before, ...
List view record 4: The running graveList view anchor tag for record 4: The running grave
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The running grave

Galbraith, Robert2023
Books, Manuscripts
Private Detective Cormoran Strike is contacted by a worried father whose son, Will, has gone to join a religious cult in the depths of the Norfolk countryside. The Universal Humanitarian Church is, on the surface, a peaceable organisation that campaigns for a better world. Yet Strike discovers th...
List view record 5: Rise of the School for Good and EvilList view anchor tag for record 5: Rise of the School for Good and Evil
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List view record 6: Wrong place, wrong timeList view anchor tag for record 6: Wrong place, wrong time
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Wrong place, wrong time

McAllister, Gillian2022
Books, Manuscripts
It's every parent's nightmare. Your happy, funny, innocent son commits a terrible crime: murdering a complete stranger. You don't know who. You don't know why. You only know your teenage boy is in custody and his future lost. That night you fall asleep in despair. Until you wake - and it is yeste...
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